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Videos are going to be published

After a short summer break we are proud to present the videos of the talks and presentations at Berlin Buzzwords 2010!
We are going to publish one video per day during the upcoming month via and will promote them via Twitter.

Enjoy, forward, comment!

CfP Berlin Buzzwords 2011

As demand was huge during the Closing session of Berlin Buzzwords we have prepared a Call for Presentaions for Berlin Buzzwords 2011: Be the one to set the buzzwords trend instead of just following others. Submit now.

Official call will be published early next year with deadlines and all. Of course we store early submissions and take them into consideration when selecting talks for Berlin Buzzwords 2011.

Slides online

We are in the process of putting speakers' slides online. They will be available in the wiki at If you have put your slides up on slidesshare instead of sending them to the organisers please do add links to the correct url in the wiki.

Conference feedback

We would love to know if you liked Berlin Buzzwords and how well received the conference was. Please fill out the feedback form and tell us what worked and what didn't work out so well. What should be improved if we were to repeat the exercise next year?

Talks are being video taped

Julia Gemählich - our conference manager - just told me that all Berlin Buzzwords talks are going to be video taped. Videos are made available after the conference.

So if you could not make it to the conference and are sad you are missing all our fantastic speakers: Don't worry, you will be able to at least watch the videos of the presentations. Watch this space for more information and links to the final videos.

Photos of Berlin Buzzwords

You did not make it to Berlin Buzzwords? Are still on your way and want to get first impressions of the conference? We have prepared a flickr slideshow just for you:

Added 10 more Barcamp tickets

We were able to add another 10 tickets to the Berlin Buzzwords Barcamp registration list. All participants on the waiting list have been moved up. Still a few free slots to go.

Your perfect Berlin Buzzwords schedule

Berlin Buzzwords not only has a fantastic speaker line up. There are also several events taking place before and after the conference that you should not miss. To make chosing easier we have decided to present you with a schedule for the perfect visit to Berlin Buzzwords:

Arrive early

Program Flyer

Yesterday we printed the Berlin Buzzwords program flyers. Making them available online as well. That way you can plan ahead and create your own prefered schedule.

The final schedule version differs just in one minor point: The opening session for the Apache Hadoop track (Hadoop - an industry perspective) will not be given by Christophe Bisciglia but it will be a session by Sarah Sprohnle and Aaron Kimball.

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