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Pieter Hintjens

founder of iMatix Corporation

Pieter Hintjens is the founder of iMatix Corporation. He was principal author of the AMQP middleware standard and main developer of the OpenAMQ middleware server. In 2005, Pieter was elected president of the FFII, the association fighting for a fair and free information infrastructure. He started the CAPSoff campaign as an example of 'wikiturfing'; running a grassroots campaign using only free internet tools. In 2006 Pieter launched the European Patent Conference (EUPACO) to discuss and define a new European patent system. He founded the European Software Market Association to represent the independent software market in Europe in 2007 and is currently General Secretary of Esoma. In 2007 he founded the Digital Standards Association to promote open IT standards. From 2007-2010 Pieter was CEO of Wikidot Inc., a US firm that develops the popular web platform.