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Berlin Buzzwords in the press

Berlin Buzzwords is a conference on scalable search, data processing and NoSQL databases. It is co-organised by newthinking communications, Jan Lehnardt, Simon Willnauer and Isabel Drost.

Press requests

If you would like to know more on Berlin Buzzwords, receive press releases and announcements, please contact us online. If you are interested in attending the conference to learn more on current scalability topics and would later publish on the event, please contact us - we do have a contingent of free tickets available.

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Press feedback
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Press review

Berlin Buzzwords has made its way into the press pretty early. To track who mentioned us and to make it easier for you to follow what journalists think of Berlin Buzzwords we are tracking articles published online here.

Blog entries discussing Berlin Buzzwords

Several blogs and user groups also published information on Berlin Buzzwords. Below just a selection of the entries we found:

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