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Schedule published

After the call for papers ended we counted all submissions ending up with an impressive number of 60 high quality presentations submitted by awesome speakers in total. As we have planned for two days with two tracks each day, during the last two weeks Jan Lehnardt, Simon Willnauer and myself had a very hard time squeezing as much time as possible out of the available days.

Today we proudly present the Berlin Buzzwords talks and presentations. As promised there are tracks specific to the three tags search, store and scale. We have a fantastic mixture of developers and users of open source software projects that make scaling data processing today possible. There is Steve Loughran, Aaron Kimball and Stefan Groschupf from the Apache Hadoop community. We have Grant Ingersoll, Robert Muir and Simon Willnauer from the Lucene community. For those interested in NoSQL databases there is Mathias Stearn from MongoDB, Jan Lehnardt from CouchDB and Eric Evans, the guy who coined the term NoSQL one year ago.

The schedule is available online at:

A complete list of all speakers and talks is available online as well.

We are looking forward to two awesome days packed with fantastic presentations on great projects. Join us for Berlin Buzzwords to get in contact with those working on software that powers applications at Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter and many others. Learn, how big players scale to huge numbers of users. See how the algorithms work that influence exactly which item is recommended to you as a user of these system. Get in touch with the people behind the free software projects that are developed accross organisations like Yahoo!, Facebook, and Microsoft. Meet us on June 7/8th in Berlin for Buzzwords.


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