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Rusty Klophaus

Senior Software Engineer, Basho Technologies

Rusty Klophaus is on the core team of Basho Riak, a dynamo-inspired key/value store; and Basho Search, a solution for distributed indexing and queries. Over the past two years, Rusty has become a recognized face in the Erlang community for his work with Basho and as the author of Nitrogen Web Framework, a full-stack Erlang framework for interactive web applications.

In a previous life, Rusty designed multi-terabyte datawarehouses and distributed systems on top of Microsoft SQL Server/Analysis Services. Before that, he managed multi-million dollar software projects built on Microsoft ASP.NET and C#. He has since learned his lesson, and will not do that again. Rusty lives in the United States (near Boston, MA) with his wife, Alex;plays guitar to relax; and enjoys live music of any kind, especially when combined with beer.