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Five days left

The Berlin Buzzwords conference is taking place next week, that's 5 days from now. It will take place in Berlin Kosmos, a former cinema, in Karl-Marx-Allee 131, 10243 Berlin. You can reach the venue via public transport - get off of the subway U5 at Frankfurter Tor, from there it is 100 m to walk. If you arrive by car: Kosmos has underground parking that is available for a fee.

If you happen to have not yet booked your hotel, we have a list of lodging recommendations - Berlin locals are invited to fill in their favourite hotels.

If you have purchased your ticket through the online registration service of Amiando, please do not forget to bring a printed copy of your ticket.

Berlin Buzzwords is a technical conference, don't expect marketing. Every presentation went through a thorough examination by the organisers. From 60 submissions we accepted the thirty best proposals. It's not a bad idea to make a list of must-see lectures beforehand. Check out the schedule on our website.

If you arrive on Sunday, go to our Berlin Buzzwords Barcamp in newthinking store at Tucholskystr. 48 in Berlin Mitte. Space is limited, those on the registration list are first to be let in. There is no need to bring food or drinks: newthinking store features a bar
that sells drinks (Bionade, Club Mate, beer, tea, coffee, water etc.) at reasonably low prizes. There will be food sponsored by Soundcloud. Thanks to newthinking store for providing the venue for free for us and to Soundcloud for kindly sponsoring food.

On Monday, Berlin Buzzwords opens doors at 08:30a.m. When you arrive at Berlin Kosmos please first check in at our Infodesk and get your attendee badge. You'll also get a free bag with some goodies and the schedule of Berlin Buzzwords. Opening session starts at 09:00a.m.

The first day features a Lightning talks session moderated by Steve Loughran. Please check out our wiki for more information on scheduled talks. If you have a topic you would like to talk about, please add yourself to the list of lightning talks. Please make sure Steve has your slides before the session starts.

The first coffee break includes tea and coffee, soft drinks can be purchased at the bar. Lunch is included in the ticket prize. The second coffee break includes coffee, tea and soft drinks - there will be cake.

On Monday evening we will have tours to Berlin Friedrichshain - if you are local to Berlin, please volunteer to take our guests to your favourite bar. If you would like to join the tours: We have registration lists at the info desk available for you. Tours start at 18:30 from Kosmos.

If you have any questions or problems during the conference: Please do not hesitate to contact the Berlin Buzzwords team.

When posting content on Berlin Buzzwords (photos, blog posts, tweets) please consider tagging them with berlinbuzzwords to make tracking content easier.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank our sponsors: Thanks to our media partners Open Source Press, Pro Linux, t3n, nmg and internet world business. Thanks to Google, Karmasphere, kippdata, outerthought and Soundcloud for supporting the conference.

Thanks to our silver sponsors NJF Europe and Neofonie GmbH.

A special thank you goes to our Gold sponsor Nokia. They would like to share the following information with Berlin Buzzwords attendees:

"Join our recruitment team and developers at buzzwords Nokia is hiring in Berlin : Developers. Testers. Architects. Designers. Work on maps and big data. Get paid to move to Berlin Join our recruitment team and developers at buzzwords lounge June 7th and 8th , 2010 Kosmos Berlin:"

If you would like to learn more about Apache Hadoop - please consider staying in town for the whole week and attend Cloudera's Hadoop trainings.

Looking forward to seeing you in Berlin,

Co-Organiser Berlin Buzzwords


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