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Doug Judd: Hypertable - the ultimate scaling machine

Doug Judd successfully submitted a presentation on Hypertable to Berlin Buzzwords. He describes himself as co-founder and CEO of Hypertable, Inc, a company that provides commercial support for Hypertable, a massively scalable, open source database. Doug started the Hypertable open source project in 2007, while working as an Architect at Zvents, and has been actively building the technology ever since.

Frank Scholten presents Mahout at JTeam

Frank Scholten is a Java developer at JTeam with 3 years of experience. He has a Msc. in Computer Science from University of Twente, with a Software Engineering major. He has worked on e-commerce sites, web-based administrative systems and systems integration projects, mostly working with Spring, JPA/Hibernate and Wicket. Currently he is researching recommendation engines and Apache Mahout / Taste as part of the Enterprise Search group at JTeam.

Eric Evans to explain Cassandra at Buzzwords

Eric Evans is a Debian Developer and Apache Cassandra committer. To the disgust of many he once coined the term "NoSQL", but has since apologized and promises to do better. Eric resides in San Antonio Texas where he works on distributed systems for The Rackspace Cloud.

Ikai Lan: The Google App Engine Datastore API

With Ikai Lan another speaker confirmed speaking at Buzzwords. He is a software engineer working on the Google Developer Relations team. Prior to Google, he worked as a software developer building social applications at LinkedIn and a systems integration consultant delivering VoIP applications at Citrix Systems. Ikai is an avid technologist, consuming volumes of material about new programming languages, framework or service. In his free time, he enjoys the California outdoors, winning Chinese language karaoke contests and playing flag football.

First speakers accepted

We received more than fifty talk proposals for Berlin Buzzwords as the call for presentations ended. Currently we are busy rating, ranking and selecting talks. Every single submission was of large quality, discussing a topic interesting for Berlin Buzzwords. So we will be well able to fill two days with two tracks each of awesome talks on storing, analysing and searching data.

We are planning to notify speakers and publish the final schedule in May. However, to give you a first impression of what was submitted we are starting to disclose information on speakers and topics now:

Berlin Buzzwords tag cloud

One day before the deadline of the CfP I have created a tag cloud of all conference submission abstracts that reached us so far. During last week several more proposals have been sent in for Buzzwords. We have submissions from core developers of relevant open source projects, e.g. HBase, Lucene and Hive. There are talks both from people working themselves on open source projects but also from developers using the software.

Berlin Buzzwords in the press

Berlin Buzzwords is a conference on scalable search, data processing and NoSQL databases. It is co-organised by newthinking communications, Jan Lehnardt, Simon Willnauer and Isabel Drost.

Press requests

Distribution of talks submitted so far

One week before the call for presentations ends we have a mixture of lots of awesome presentation proposals submitted already. Though several submissions are still missing, I plotted the distribution of talks submitted today to get a first impression of topic distribution for the schedule template.

Early bird registration extended

Early bird registration for Berlin Buzzwords is open. Please sign up online if you are planning to attend the conference.

We invite everyone interested in data storage, analysis and search to join us for two days on June 7/8th in Berlin for an in-depth, technical, developer-focused conference located in the heart of Europe. Presentations will range from beginner friendly introductions to the hot data analysis topics up to in-depth technical presentations of scalable architectures.

Meetups and user groups

To shorten the time until Berlin Buzzwords starts, we have collected a list of local meetups and user groups that concentrate on topics related to scaling data storage, analysis and search.

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